Friday, April 17, 2009

Somaliliand: Demonstrations Held In Hargeysa and Berbera

Hargeysa/Berbera (SomalilandGlobe) The main opposition party in Somaliland, Kulmiye, has held large scare demonstrations in the capital city of Somaliland, Hargeysa, and the seaport of Berbera yesterday, 13th April. 

According to the opposition leader, the aim of the demonstrations was to announce and protest the government's extension of term and to restate their position that they do not recognise President Rayale as the President of Somaliland after 06th April 2009. 

The house of Guurti of Somaliland has extended the term of office of President Rayale two weeks ago, which was coming to an end on the 06th April 2009.  The opposition parties rejected the extension and vowed not to recognize the government.  The Rayale government insists that the extension was legitimate, since elections could not take place in time. 

According to Police officials the demonstrations ended peacefully except for an incident in Hargeysa where a young man with a pistol was arrested.

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