Friday, April 17, 2009

Somaliland: Police Chiefs of Togdher and Gabiley Sacked

Somaliland: Police Chiefs of Togdher and Gabiley Sacked

11 April 2009 | News

BURAO (Somaliland Globe) — The Police Chiefs of Togdher and Gabiley states have been sacked by the Minister of Interior of Somaliland. It is not confirmed yet why these officials have been sacked but it is believed that the government is worried about demonstrations the opposition parties are planning throughout the country and thus reorganizing the Police and military.

The Police chief of Togdheer is accused of not having stopped a high profile demonstration that took place in Burao, the capital of Togdher state, on the 6th of April the day Mr Rayale's term of office expired.  On that same day, opposition supporters have held another peaceful demonstration in Hargeisa, the capital, where the Police fired live ammunition at the peaceful demonstrations. 

The opposition parties of Somaliland do not recognize the present administration in Somaliland and have called for continuous and ongoing demonstrations country wide.  The government has responded sacking Police and military officials and intimidating opposition supporters and leaders.

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