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Ogaden, Western Somalia or Ogadenia – Exploring an Ogaden – Isaaq Alliance for Somalia

In a previous article under title ´Can Ogaden become the Next UN Member State?´ (, I attacked five myths that hinder the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) in their rightful struggle toward the liberation of the illegally occupied Ogaden and the inception of the Ogaden Republic. 

In the present article, I will discuss an equally critical issue of the struggle of the Ogadeni people, notably the National Name of Ogaden. 

There have been opposite ideas, different concepts, and other appellations of the vast (280000 km1) region. I want to herewith clarify my position in this regard. 

Certainly, the inhabitants of Ogaden are all Somalis, with the exception of few hundreds of administrative and military oppressors sent there from the capital of the Abyssinian empire that has illegally controlled the area following unlawful colonial arrangements that date back in the 1950s. 

A Triangle Called Somalia

Consequently, the land of Ogaden is an integral part of Somalia, and as such it consists in Somalia´s main inland, being surrounded by the coastal areas that shape the two sides (from Djibouti to the Horn, and from the Horn to Kenya) of the Somali Triangle. 

The Greater (and only true) Somalia is in fact a triangular land. 

The third side, vaguely drawn from Tadjoura (Afar part of Djibouti) straight to Mombassa (Kenyan coastland), demarcates the lands of the Somalis (in the east) and the Afars and the Oromos (in the west). 

Because of its geographical position, Ogaden represents most the Somali West. It has therefore also been called Western Somalia. But the term is only geographical, and it goes back to the times of Somalia´s colonization. 

As political term, it was used only because of the anti-Ogadeni vicious hatred and rancor of the Amhara and Tigray elites that dates back to the early 16th century.

Western Somalia: a Politically Ineffective Term 

As political term, Western Somalia is totally ineffective. A similar, ill-fated, attempt, in guise of example, would be if Pakistan was named ´Western India´ or Kosova was called ´Northeastern Albania´. Totally out of purpose!

In fact, geographical terms in the official name of any country (North Korea, East Germany) denote problems – always! 

In the case of Ogaden and Somalia, an appellation ´Western Somalia´ would only highlight the negative historical development when in 1960 Somalia became an independent nation, without incorporating (as it should have) Ogaden, and the Somali parts of Kenya and Djibouti, which are two useless pseudo-countries consisting in mere colonial fabrications. 

It is therefore essential for all the Ogadenis and all the Somalis to go ahead, and put a tombstone on the malefic Anglo-French colonialism that opened Pandora´s box throughout Eastern Africa. 

An Isaaq Antilogy 

Of course, there is an antilogy to the aforementioned. People may say that Ogaden is, at the same time, the name of a Somali tribe (and this is true) that spans across Ogaden´s territory yet without being the only population of the said region. 

This type of argumentation is mainly advanced by other Somalis, almost exclusively the Isaaq whose stronghold is to be found in Northern Somalia, in the area of the parasitic pseudo-state of the so-called Somaliland, another colonial fabrication that represents next to nothing. 

It is true that the Ogaden tribe does not represent 100% of Ogaden´s population, although they form the outright majority in all provinces of the tyrannized land. 

But it is not the first time when a tribe´s or people´s name is given to a land whereby the said tribe or people are not the exclusive inhabitants, sharing daily life and political power with other tribes or nations. 

In the same way there are Isaaq in Ogaden, there are (equally few) Ogadenis in Oromia or in Afar land but it never crossed their mind to ask the Oromos or the Afars not to call their lands Oromia and Afar land respectively. 

There are more Russians in Ukraine than Isaaqs in Ogaden. 

Similarly, there are Russians in Ukraine, but they never opposed the official use of the name Ukraine for the said land. And undoubtedly, Russians in Ukraine represent a higher percentage of the total population than Isaaqs in Ogaden. 

The opposition to the rightful use of the name Ogaden for the Western part of Somalia does not damage mainly the interests of the Ogadenis and/or their struggle for liberation, freedom, independence and national self-determination. 

Following a well-structured program of struggle, Ogaden will be an independent country, and with the due diplomatic efforts, Ogaden will become a fully accredited UN member state. 

Anti-Ogaden Stance of Isaaqs: a Self-destruction Method Projected among Isaaqs

The opposition to the rightful use of the name Ogaden for the Western part of Somalia damages mainly the interests of the Isaaqs. Although they try to pursue a policy driven on tribal interests, they end up with Isaaq self-effacement. Today, there is no Isaaq-land, and if they continue their policy unchanged, there isn´t going to be any.

Somaliland will never be recognized as a state by the UN, and already it is not independent but subservient to the Amhara and Tigray racist gangsters who do not give a damn for the Isaaqs´ interests, but merely use them against the perspective of Somalia´s rightful and inevitable reunification. 

This suggests that the Isaaqs, if they continue their self-disastrous policies, will still be subservient to the Abyssinians, will still be unable to rule the so-called Somaliland, and will still be engulfed in an unrecognized, agonizing pseudo-state, when the Ogadenis will have an internationally recognized state of their own. 

It will be truly too bad for the Isaaqs to find themselves out of the administration of an illegal state that simply does not exist for the UN, when there will be a Chinese embassy at Jigjiga. ….. 

What went wrong with the Isaaq policy making?

This is simple to answer; they exposed themselves to contacts with the malignant colonial states, England and France, and their offspring the US establishment. 

This means that the Isaaqs became the target of systematic disinformation, sophisticated deception, and extensive manipulation, involving false promises, unethical suggestions for national treason, fake assurances, contextualized lies, disguised menaces, peremptory blackmail, adverse mischief, selective bribery, and ultimate misguidance. 

Today, in no way can Isaaqs´ conditions of life be considered as definitely better than the Ogadenis´; this alone imposes on the Isaaq elders a total reconsideration of their inter-Somali and foreign policies. 

In fact, the Isaaqs are not wrong in stating their rights; they are simply misplaced. 

The problem will be ostensible, if there is an independent state named Ogaden, and not another state named Isaaq; this may however come to pass, but for this potential development, the mistake should not be attributed to the Ogadenis! This situation will be the end result of a misperception and a mistake originally made by the Isaaqs. A reconsideration of Isaaq policies, as I suggest, would definitely help avert similar developments and rectify the situation to the benefit of all. 

A reconsideration of the Isaaq strategy for the Horn of Africa

There is a correct place where a Federal Republic of Ogaden and a Federal Republic of Isaaq can coexist; this is the United Republic of Somalia, a united confederation whereby everyone will have his rights respected by the others and all will peacefully work together. 

The rise of a free Ogaden will function as catalyst toward this development; it is therefore essential for Isaaqs to put a tombstone on the past troubles and enmities that have been catastrophically (for both Ogaden and Isaaq) over-magnified by the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian tools of the Anglo-French Freemasonic colonial masters. 

The Republic of Ogaden is an inevitable certainty; rejecting their catastrophic policies, terminating their disastrous contacts with the Abyssinians and the Anglo-French, eliminating their anti-Ogadeni strategy, and obliterating the theory of ´Western Somalia´, the Isaaq will markedly show that they took the lessons of Modern Somali History and can fearlessly cooperate with their best possible allies, the Ogadenis, for a free and independent Ogaden, which in turn will herald the rise of Federal Republic of Isaaq within the context of a reunified Somalia. 

Only when the Isaaq elders realize that the real hindrance to Isaaq rehabilitation within their natural context, the wider Horn of Africa area, is the fake state of Somaliland, the Isaaqs will be able to reassert Isaaq influence throughout that vast area. 

Respect for Tribal Traditions and Rights helps end Tribalism

The aforementioned suggestions may look to some Somalis, Isaaq, Ogadenis or other, as tribal of concept; but they are not. Certainly, the tribal composition of the Somali society became a factor of exploitation by the Anglo-French colonials and the Anti-Somali Abyssinian racists. Undoubtedly, many unfortunate developments occurred in Somalia over the past 20 years because of erroneous tribal considerations of interest. 

But the best way to exorcize a demon is to admit its existence; you can then send him faraway. Respecting the tribal traditions and identities and duly accommodating them within a confederated status will help all the Somalis to terminate the long fratricide war that represents the worst chapter of Somalia´s 3500-year long History.

An Ogaden – Isaaq alliance can become the best tool to reunify Somalia, while propelling the two, equally marginalized and undeservedly mistreated, tribes at the epicenter of the Somali politics. 

To avert an Ogaden / Isaaq-ruled Confederation of Somalia, the two tribes must methodically deny themselves their best perspectives for the years ahead. 

Ogadenia: an Unnecessary Overreaction

On the other hand, another name has also been used for Ogaden, this time by some Ogadenis: Ogadenia. The use of this name represents a kind of reprisals to the use of the term ´Western Somalia´ by the Isaaqs. It hypothetically stresses the Ogadeni identity of Ogaden. But is it truly like that? 

In politics, what matters first is dedication and commitment to one´s principles and fundamental ideals. 

A reaction against a rival, an opponent or an enemy should never be given dramatically high importance because this ends up with progressive detachment from the original principles which is usually not even sensed. 

An overreaction on somebody´s part is by definition a victory for the adversary because it triggers automatically an undeniable detachment from the original principles of the overreacting part. 

In the light of the aforementioned, Ogadenia is an unnecessary overreaction. What is Ogaden´s struggle for liberation and independence? 

In its supreme level of perception, it is a struggle for identity against alteration, a fight for preservation of a nation´s character, an effort for cultural authenticity, national self-demarcation, and political self-determination. It consists in an engagement for historical integrity and a commitment for socio-behavioural validity and assertion. 

In fact, if the Ogadenis "have" to be religiously altered, politically deformed, historically disfigured, culturally distorted, socio-behaviourally alienated, and nationally transformed into let´s say uniform ´Ethiopians´, there is no reason for which the English should continue existing as English and not be assimilated among the Chinese; and similarly for any other nation. 

Identity, authenticity, integrity and distinctiveness are not privileges for few nations; they are either rightful for all or permissible to none. 

But if Ogaden´s struggle is a fight for identity, it is so at the linguistic level as well. In Af Somali, there is no name ending or suffix –ia. Whenever it occurs, it is a case of foreign word. In fact, the ending –ia does not add anything to Ogaden and it only alters the name of the region which is the same as that of the Somali tribe. 

It is therefore essential for Ogadenis struggling for national independence to stick to their true name and make of the Republic of Ogaden a dream come true. 

In a forthcoming article, I will examine who can be the potential friends and supporters, and the eventual sponsors and promoters of the Noble Cause of Ogaden. 

U.S. Extends Reevaluation of Security Threats to Yemen and Somalia

U.S. Extends Reevaluation of Security Threats to Yemen and Somalia

Howard Lesser | Washington05 January 2010

President Obama's senior national security team reviews counterterrorism policies at the White House in response to the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a passenger jet near Detroit, 5 January 2010

President Obama tells the American public that U.S. intelligence apparatus must do better than its failure to stop a 23-year-old Nigerian from flying to the United States with concealed chemical explosives and attempting to blow up a passenger plane.

President Barack Obama acknowledged Tuesday that the United States has stepped up the fight against al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and has also begun focusing on other countries, including Yemen and Somalia.  

Somali-born geography professor Abdi Samatar of the University of Minnesota says that the intensification of fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Christmas Day airline bombing attempt by Nigerian-born Umar Abdulmutallab have helped shift the focus of conflict to al-Qaida in the Arabian peninsula, particularly to Yemen.  But he notes that reports of recent arms shipments from Yemeni rebels to Somalia's Islamist al-Shabab fighters have so far had little impact on the rebel insurgency against Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG).

Yemen map

"I don't think that the amount of weapons that are going from Yemen through al-Qaida to al-Shabab is significant.  Shabab has many other sources of weapons, both in the domestic market, and, remember, Somalia has one of the largest small weapons markets in Mogadishu itself," he said.
Despite al-Shabab claims of sending fighters to help al-Qaida resist Yemeni and foreign-assisted efforts to quash its insurgency, Professor Samatar says a Somali presence in Yemen is limited to longtime refugees who have lived in northern Yemen for decades, but not a significant infusion of terrorists or resistance fighters.
"Containing refugees and others in particular localities I don't think is going to be a significant element in tackling the terror matter," he noted.
As for Yemenis operating in Somalia, Samatar says the security threat is also low. But he does acknowledge that the stepped up fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan have expanded the arena of doing battle with al-Qaida back to the Gulf region, where it was extremely active ten years ago.
"The military pressures in Pakistan and Afghanistan are having a significant effect on al-Qaida's ability to further decentralize itself so that they cannot be holed in one particular locality.  And this is a fact that should be taken into account in both Somalia and in Yemen," he observed.
Does this mean a more intensified struggle in Somalia at this point? Samatar says not as far as expecting an infusion of fighters from Yemen to add to Somalia's woes.  He says al-Shabab continues to lead insurgents' attempts to bring down the internationally endorsed TFG.

Islamist al-Shabab fighters conduct military exercise in northern Mogadishu's Suqaholaha neighborhood, 01 Jan 2010
Islamist al-Shabab fighters conduct military exercise in northern Mogadishu's Suqaholaha neighborhood, 01 Jan 2010

"I think Shabab controls much of southern Somalia at the present, and in the last week or so, they have had military celebrations in Mogadishu itself, to show the caliber of their troops and the size of their troops.  So they are already what they are, and they control what's left of Somalia….small strips in south Mogadishu and a few other pockets.  And I just don't think further pressures are going to make any difference in those spots because those are where the African Union forces are, and I don't think al-Shabab will have the wherewithal to confront them head-on," he said.

Al-Shabab insurgents control much of southern Somalia, including the city of Kismayo.

The answer to U.S. and British efforts to bring greater stability to both Somalia and Yemen can be found in new initiatives to democratize both countries rather than focusing on the anti-terror threat, according to Professor Samatar.  He warns that stepped up foreign military involvement can foment resentment among local populations in both countries, which have long been discontent with the authoritarian qualities of their own failed states' leaderships.
"I think the Somali people would welcome a very genuine support from the United (States) government to help themselves rebuild their country.  I think the project that the United States helped take part in in Djibouti, which ultimately produced the Transitional Federal Government was both illegitimate and incompetent.  And so what the Somali people are looking for is support from Britain and the United States people and governments that are genuinely democratic, that will support civil society, and Islamic movement that is also democratic," he maintains.
Samatar asserts that Yemeni and Somali resentment are stirred up against western interference when it is being engineered to serve outside interests. 
"Genuine democratization of the political process in Somalia, pushing the Transitional Federal Government into becoming more inclusive, more accountable, more effective, and bringing on board people with capacity who are Somalis who can deliver for the local population, if the U.S. and Britain push things in that direction, the Somali people will genuinely welcome that, in my opinion," he noted.

Can Ogaden become the Next UN Member State?

Can Ogaden become the Next UN Member State?

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
December 26, 2009
With the rise of the CIA-supported Shabaab in the Somali South, the Horn of Africa has entered a new phase of deterioration. With the strained UN decision for sanctions against Eritrea, a further step was taken toward East Africa´s corrosion. With the forthcoming farcical elections in Abyssinia (fallaciously renamed as ´Ethiopia´) the next act in the East African Theater of the Absurd will be played to irreversibly entrap the tyrannized Kushitic nations in the plans on the non-African, racist, masters of the Amhara and Tigray administrators of the ominous, colonial state. Parallel developments in Sudan and Kenya are to be expected as the respective Pan-Arabist and Kikuyu regimes reflect the colonial powers´ top choice for disaster proliferation in Africa. 

What can the tyrannized Somalis of Ogaden expect then?

What can be expected then from the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), the rightful and sole representative of the people of Ogaden?

Yet, National Liberation, Freedom, Self-determination, and Socioeconomic Rehabilitation were never closer to reach for the malignantly persecuted, systematically butchered, and mercilessly oppressed Ogedenis. 

For those who are not familiar with Eastern African History, the use of the term ´malignantly persecuted´ may look somewhat heavy or eventually unjustified. Yet, basic readings in Islamic and Modern History of the Horn of Africa will let unbiased readership realize that the multifaceted tyrannical systems applied by all the racist Amhara and Tigray regimes of Abyssinia on Ogaden have had one common denominator: the vicious anti-Somali, and particularly anti-Ogadeni hatred of the revengeful Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians who want to make today´s Ogadenis "pay" for the Somali invasion and occupation of Abyssinia that took place ….. before 500 years!

To persecute the descendants of the victorious Somali armies who destroyed the barbaric medieval state of Abyssinia, today´s racist Amharas and Tigrays perpetrated in Ogaden acts that have been vigorously denounced by leading Human Rights organizations like HRW and Amnesty International. As the ruling Monophysitic (Tewahedo) Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians represent less than 18% of the country´s entire population, one draws easily the conclusion that daily life for the outright majority, all the subjugated nations and tyrannized ethno-religious groups, consists in mere inhabitation of the world´s most apocalyptic Hell and survival under adversities never ever encountered before. 

From that Hell, the tyrannized Ogadenis want to escape, by eliminating the Amhara and Tigray gangsters from their national homeland. Ogaden represents almost one third of today´s Abyssinia in terms of surface. And the Ogadenis total ca. 10% of the destitute country´s population. Ogaden´s integrity is undisputed as non Ogadeni residents in the area total less than 1% of the Somali-speaking population.

How easy can it be for the Ogadenis, under the national leadership of ONLF, to achieve their goals and national destiny, shifting from the Abyssinian Hell to the Independent Ogaden´s Paradise? 

In fact, it is very easy! Suffice it that the Ogadenis and the ONLF avoid the existing traps and move out of the fog of lies, myths, misconceptions and fallacies that the colonial powers and the Freemasonic elites of the West did their ingenious best to diffuse among them and throughout the entire world. 

Clear mind, right assessment of the local / regional situation, accurate evaluation of the international conjuncture, anticipation of forthcoming developments, identification of existing (but hidden) enemies and adversaries, discovery of available (but not yet contacted) friends and supporters, and a systematic approach to a thoroughly elaborated action plan is all that today´s tyrannized Ogadenis and the ONLF need in order to raise Ogaden to the position of the next UN member state. 

In this effort, it is essential to have a clear mind devoid of myths and false interpretations of facts. In this regard, the Ogadenis and the ONLF have to irrevocably reject the following myths – that have long functioned not only against them but also at the detriment of many other subjugated nations. I will herewith enumerate – not analyze – these myths that constitute the essence of the fog that covers today´s world. 

Myth 1 – America is a powerful country. 

This is today´s most critical myth, and the strongest constituent of the aforementioned fog that, due to the ensuing confusion and unnecessary fear, paralyzes peoples and nations. America is a collapsing state that will soon be decomposed, falling apart to pieces, and sinking into chaos. The top of the US establishment and the world´s rulers, who pull the strings behind the scene, know this very well; even more so as they elaborate their plans, taking the aforementioned reality into account. In fact, the US is by now a paper tiger, and the best one can do to some besotted yet bullying American diplomats is to threaten them, shout to them, smack them or simply disdain them. They are good for nothing. 

The entire US establishments, the CFR, the Wall Street, the Senate, the Congress and their Freemasonic puppet of president are good for nothing. America started differently, and the country was geared indeed to illuminate the entire world, and to lead other nations to the Imperative Human Moral Standards, Truth, Justice, Equity and Freedom. If this had happened, the world would have lived a paradisiacal 20th century. 

Quite unfortunately, evil forces hijacked America´s political and economic establishment, by means of murders, plots, extensive black magic, and all sorts of evildoings. But there is nothing that happens without consequence; and the consequence of this development is that America lives now its last, final, ultimate years of existence. This does not mean that all Americans will die; not at all. Many will survive to form a diametrically different society, eliminating the cancerous tumor that plunged that nation into undeserved materialism, pathetic consumerism, media-driven conformism, and the ensuing Anti-Christian life standards. 

It is therefore essential for the Ogadenis, particularly those who live in America, to distance themselves from any representative of the US economic, political, academic and social establishment. The people who value human moral standards in America are marginalized; the rest will just cheat you. 

Myth 2 – Europe is a conglomeration of democratic and civilized countries where human values are respected.

The aforementioned statement consists in the most tenebrous smirk that has ever been thought of; today´s Europe is a barbaric realm inhabited by the world´s most petulant elite and the most dehumanized populations. Universities of Anti-African fallacies and racism, hijacked religious establishments that are controlled by the very enemies of the religions they supposedly propagate, rancorous elites self-intoxicated with the paranoia and the poison of their own lies. Conceited fools, at the top of their unnatural and perverted hierarchy, imagine that they have the right to turn the entire world to Hell for their sake and illegitimate survival. Unrestrained secret societies of anti-human hysteria and Anti-Christian venom, the likes of the Freemasons and the Illuminati, practice – at this very moment – human sacrifices during their ritual sexual orgies that their disreputable ´venerable´ masters transform to energy directed against innocent victims allover the world. 

Today´s European rulers, bogus-royal families and vulgar peerage, pseudo-elected presidents, premiers, ministers, deputies, as well as deceitful intellectuals, faithless professors, swindling businessmen, corrupt generals, unworthy top administrators and managers are all criminal accomplices as members of the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge, a hijacked institution which has been masterminded to lead the entire world to extinction – at their unbeknownst. 

And who are today´s European rulers? 

Those who sent their armies to butcher pre-Columbian Mexico and Peru. Those who killed millions of innocent victims in the name of Jesus who never asked them to do so. 

Those who destroyed the natural habitat of millions of species by spreading their evil industrial revolution and by generating material pollution that does not match only their mental and intellectual contamination. 

Those who did their ingenious best to spread pestilence, disaster, corruption, distortion and death throughout India, China, the Islamic World, and Africa. 

Those who diffused pseudo-Christianity among Africans in order – not to invite them to Jesus´ real preaching but – to forcefully and deceitfully drive them into the then emerging ´Western World´, which they already knew that it is neither morally permissible nor materially sustainable. 

This is Europe: the monstrous laboratory where was constituted the foremost falsification of the History of the Humankind. 

Their research centers, colleges and universities are the realm out of which emanated the Four Horsemen of the Christian Apocalypse:

1) Hellenism – the fallacy according to which today´s civilization is plausibly based in Ancient Greece and Rome and today´s Europe (and expansively the entire world) is based on two (genuinely Freemasonic!) pillars: the (otherwise inexistent) Greco-Roman world and the (distortedly represented) Christian medieval civilization

2) Orientalism – the fallacious representation of Ancient Mesopotamia (Sumer, Elam, Akkad, Hurri, Assyria, Babylonia, and Aram), Canaan (incl. Phoenicia, Israel), Anatolia (Hatti, Hittite, Luwia, Urartu, Phrygia, Lycia, Caria, Cappadocia and Pontus), Egypt, Kush (Ethiopia, i.e. Sudan), NW African Atlas, Yemen, Arabia, Atropatene (falsely portrayed as ´Iran´), India, Central Asia, and China. This inhumanly racist system of historical deformation plunged modern Asiatic and African nations into absolute darkness, unprecedented ignorance, cultural disintegration, national self-effacement, socio-behavioural inferiority, political destitution, and utter slavery. 

3) Arabism – the counterfeit fabrication of an otherwise inexistent nation (culture, historical past, heritage, civilization, etc.) that is based on the excruciating deformation of the diachronic identity of the Hamitic Berbers (in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania), the Hamitic Egyptian Copts (either Muslim or Christian), the Hamitic Kushites of Sudan (e.g. Ancient Ethiopia), the Yemenite and the Omani Semites (who are totally unrelated to the Arabs of Hedjaz), and the Aramaeans (as well as the aramaized Babylonians, Phoenicians, Ammonites, Moabites, Edomites, and Judeans) of the Asiatic Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, SE Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Kuwait, SW Iran, Qatar, Emirates, and S. Arabian north). By falsely interpreting the phenomenon of linguistic arabization (an epiphenomenon of the earlier islamization), the European colonial academia and diplomats created a regional political elite which, due to their Pan-Arabist intoxication, turned their pseudo-countries (former Ottoman provinces) into realms of depersonalized, historically and culturally destitute beings that can easily become stuff for any manipulation. Deprived of their real identity, the regional elites turned one against the other, without even imagining the reason, which fits the monstrous colonial interests and the evil Freemasonic plans for the area concerned. 

4) Islamism – this is formed out of the counterfeit political theories that have been scrupulously elaborated and criminally projected among the Muslim regional elites who, originating from Ottoman provinces detached by the European gangsters, studied in the Western European universities – without of course imagining what sort of puppies they were being turned into through that process. Islamism is totally unrelated to Islam; it consists in a modern misinterpretation of the Islamic religion, heritage, culture and civilization that was geared in order to definitely prevent Muslims from ever discovering their historical and cultural identity and to submerge them into a calamitous misperception of Islam that they pathetically believe as their own tradition whereas it is a Western European fabrication. All Islamic religious schools and universities have been compactly contaminated by this fallacy, and the final result has been the chaotic situation in which today´s Muslims, particularly in the Arabic speaking countries, find themselves. Only remote parts of the Islamic world have been left untouched in this regard, due to the physical limits applied to the wicked colonial effort to convince local elites (in various parts of the colonized continents) to send their youth to the religious ´schools´ and ´universities´ that they had already contaminated with the Islamist fallacies of their naïve and ignorant puppy-students, the likes of Jamal ad-Din al Afghani and others.

Myth 3 – The Arabic world can help Ogaden, Somalia or other oppressed an tyrannized Muslim nations (notably the Afars, the Oromos, the Berbers, the Tuarge, the Turkmen, the Baluch, the Azeris, etc.). 

How comical to expect help from someone who ….. does not exist! In the previous paragraphs, I referred to the Arab pseudo-nation as a calculated fabrication of the Freemasonic academia of the colonial and racist countries of Western Europe. Here, I will merely add a brief historical reference. 

It is clear that an African American citizen is not (and cannot be taken as) Anglo-Saxon; similarly, people who may have forgotten their language, cannot be taken as culturally, ethnically and historically relevant to another nation of an originally distinct language that later happened to become theirs. 

All the aforementioned peoples, by accepting Islam, sooner or later, started being arabized, but this development happened at the linguistic level only, not at the ethnic level. We know very well that the Arabs of the times of the Prophet were not numerous at all. One generation later, when the Islamic armies were about to reach Carthage in today´s Tunisia, Central Asia, and the Indus valley, the Muslim fighters were certainly speaking Arabic (as this was their religious language), but among them, the Arabs were already a minority. Aramaeans from Damascus and Ctesiphon, Egyptians from Alexandria, Yemenis from Muza and Persians from Praaspa formed already the majority among the Islamic fighters! They had learnt the language of Quran, but they did not change in anything their ethnic origin and cultural identity.

The Copts (Christians) of Egypt, and the Aramaeans of Iraq, Syria, SE Turkey and SW Iran are very good examples illuminating the historical developments: those who remained Christians initially preserved their language (Coptic and Aramaic – Syriac), and gradually lost it in later dates. 

Several scholars have indeed pretended that Arab warriors, going outside the Arabic peninsula at the very Dawn of the Islamic Era, finally settled and definitely intermingled with local populations from Iran and Oman to Morocco, which would hypothetically suggest a certain arabization at the ethnic, not only the linguistic, level.

This would be an aberration. As a matter of fact, any amalgamation can eventually take place at the ethnic (not only the linguistic or the cultural) level. The case of the Aramaization of Babylonia and Elam (a long procedure that took place from the 6th century BCE to the 1st century CE) is quite indicative. But there were numerous Aramaic populations who had been transported by the Assyrian emperors of the 8th and the 7th centuries in Southern Mesopotamia or had settled there because of their own choice. The Elamites had been exterminated by Assurbanipal at 640 BC, and the subjugated Babylonians of the Achaemenid, Seleucid and Arsacid times (respectively 539 – 330 BCE; 313 – 250 BCE; 250 BCE – 224 CE) were gradually outnumbered by the continuously increasing in the Mesopotamian South Aramaeans.

However, nothing similar happened in the early Islamic times. At the times of the Prophet, all the Arabs of Hedjaz did not outnumber the population of just one sizeable Aramaic, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Abyssinian, Berberic, Meroitic or Yemeni city - like Tadmor, Syene (Aswan), Istakhr, Corinth, Mediolanum (Milano), Axum, Carthage, Dunqulah or Aden. So, there cannot be any discussion at the ethnic level since the Arab warriors, who intermingled with indigenous populations in the countries that accepted the early Islamic rule, were not numerous but minimal among the multitude of the local populations. 

What most of the modern European academia failed to study in this regard (and thence duly extract the correct conclusion) is the fact that already during the lifetime of the Prophet Yemenites in great numbers accepted Ali´s preaching in Sanaa at 630 CE, and consequently adhered to Islam. There were no Arab soldiers to invade and/or settle in Yemen (contrarily to what occurred in Mesopotamia, Syria, Egypt, etc.). And yet, the Yemenites progressively abandoned their native language and adopted Arabic. Exceptions are the modern Yemenite languages, Mahri and Soqotri. 

This is the reality that shaped many parts of the Islamic world, and this was widely accepted among Muslims, from the first centuries of Islam down to the times of Napoleon and the early colonization. 

Myth 4 – Today´s Western World is Christian. 

This is the greatest joke of all times! In fact, Europe was Christian (for the parts that did not belong to the Andalusia´s Caliphate and to the Ottoman Empire). And Pre-Columbian America´s nations were forced to accept Christianity in order not to be physically exterminated through the guns of the criminal conquistadores. 

Then, came the Reform, and the rise of Protestantism (Luther, Zwingli and Calvin) caused a terrible shock within Western (Catholic) Christianity; in a way, by falsely accusing the Pope of Pelagianism, they engaged with Augustinianism, thus bringing in force Manichaean elements, concepts, and structures of thought within the Christian world. With the subsequent formation of Anglicanism, with the rise of centralized kingdoms, and the diffusion of the anticlerical ideas by the philosophers of the Enlightenment, the stage was prepared for the direct challenge to the Christian power in the West. The French revolution institutionalized an Anti-Christian religion that reflected Freemasonic concepts that had earlier been prohibited by the Catholic Church throughout Christian Western Europe. 

The imposition of the Satanic ritual of "l' Être Suprême" (supreme being) reflects ('%C3%8Atre_supr%C3%AAme) the willingness of the French Freemasons to impose - in the aftermath of the French revolution - their tyranny in the name of their own self-styled ´god´, the notorious, shadowy and evil ´great architect of the universe´ (, who in turn is a late derivative of the Manichaean concept of Satan (Demiurge:

The decomposition of the Christian character of the Western societies took a more intensified form over the past two centuries at both the socioeconomic – political and the educational – intellectual – cultural levels. This great development has never become an object of extensive and profound study and research in any Muslim country, and the reason is simple: they are controlled by the colonial powers of the West. 

The reason the Freemasonic elites of Europe do not want Muslims to know that the Western countries have been critically, malignantly and deceitfully de-Christianized is also simple: if the Muslims come to know this reality, they will join forces with the remaining Christian forces in the West against the West´s Freemasonic – Zionist establishment, and this is what this evil establishment strives to avert. If the evil process of the de-Christianization of the West is duly assessed by Muslims, the fake clash "Islam vs. Christianity" that the Freemasonic – Zionist establishment strives to ignite will be effectively prevented. 

Infiltration among the ranks of the Christian establishments and the Catholic Church itself played a seminal role in the aforementioned developments. In fact, after the death of Pope Pius XII, not a single Pope was elected without Freemasonic consent and/or interference; except John Paul I, who was not Freemason, and was therefore assassinated after only 33 days of tenure, just as many as the Freemasonry degrees of hierarchy….. 

Why is it important for the Liberation Front of a subjugated Muslim nation to be fully aware of the fact that the Western World is not Christian anymore, and that it is run by viciously and vociferously Anti-Christian secret elites? 

The answer is very simple; if the independence of a Muslim nation happens to be part of our world´s powerful elites´ interests, they get it done without long discussions. Kosova´s independence is indicative in this regard. The evil elites want to use this small country in their East European games, and that´s why they supported the persecuted Albanians of that formerly Yugoslavian and Serbian province. But what happens if the independence of a Muslim nation is not part of these elites´ plans? This is easy to anticipate; they will oppose the development by defaming the tyrannized Muslims as terrorists. They will then mobilize the ignorant, naïve, frightened and thought-controlled masses against the development, through use of their tool, i.e. the mass media. 

By defaming any Muslim, who acts against their preconceived schemes and antihuman plots, as "terrorist", the hidden rulers of the undemocratic West spread distrust, fear and confusion among the Muslims´ sole ally in the West, i.e. the Catholic Christian masses, and the Catholic institutions that have escaped the Freemasonic infiltration and control, notably the Jesuits, the Marists (, and the Sedevacantists (; thus, they finally manage to separate two valuable allies who could / should join forces against 

The rise of the ´Islam vs. Christianity´ spectrum is the key tool that facilitates the Freemasonic tyrants who are hidden behind the regimes of London, Paris and Washington to outmaneuver any liberation struggle of a subjugated Muslim Nation (and to discredit the justification of it). 

They also possess further tools in this regard, namely the pseudo-Muslim rulers whom the colonial gangsters instituted at the top of all the pseudo-countries formed after the Satanic detachment of the Ottoman provinces from the Sultan´s sole Islamic authority. Criminal servers of Islam´s worst enemies, rulers like Abdullah of Jordan, the Moroccan trash of king, and the crypto-Christian Saudi ruler, and monstrous dictators like those of Tunis, Tripoli, Khartoum and Sanaa, are the worst enemies of any Muslim nation aspiring to freedom, national independence and cultural integrity. They don´t need to always declare it; at times they promise help that they never deliver due to later excuses. 

That is why the Ogadenis are on the same wavelength with the tyrannized Berbers of Kabylia, the heroic Tuareg Nation of Sahara, the persecuted Turkmen of Iraq, the valiant Azeris of Iran, and the oppressed Baluch of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

It is therefore essential for Muslims struggling to establish a national home to build a strong bond with the equally persecuted Catholic Christians of the Anti-Christian West, who feel absolutely ashamed to live in countries where homosexual marriages are progressively institutionalized. 

There is no difference in the feeling of oppression and discrimination as shared by a) subjugated Muslim nations and b) Western Christians disgusted by their own countries where measures are incessantly taken to destroy the values of Family (through adoption of children by homosexual couples), Life (because of practices like the shamelessly de-criminalized abortion), and Morality (via widespread materialism, consumerism and conformism). 

An alliance should also be achieved with the Oriental Christians, the Aramaeans, the Copts, and the Russians, who all denounce the pestilence brought forth by the prevalence in Western Europe and North America of regimes controlled by the Apostate Freemasonic Lodge and its dependencies, proxies, annexes, substitutes, agents and slaves. 

In a forthcoming article, I will expand on the alliances that the Ogadenis should establish in order to correctly contextualize their rightful struggle that consists in mere reflection of every human search for dignity, valor and virtue. 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Former Minister Says He And Somaliland’s Government Habitually Lied To The Public

Former Minister Says He And Somaliland's Government Habitually Lied To The Public

London, UK, December 26, 2009 (SL Times) – The former minister of industry, Muhammad Suleiman Weyne said to a gathering of Somalilanders in Bristol, UK, that when they laid a cornerstone for a new cement factory in Berbera they were play acting, and that they were deliberately misleading the public and had no intention of building such a factory. He described it as all part of the lies that they were telling the public for the last twenty years.

When someone says they lied before, it always raises the question well, if he lied before, is he lying now too, or is he telling the truth. But from circumstantial evidence, there is good reason to believe that Muhammad Suleiman Weyne was indeed lying when he was a minister, as many people suspected, and is telling the truth now, which is a damning indictment of President Dahir Rayale and his government.

To make the situation worse, Muhammad Suleiman Weyne's did not make his confessions because his conscience bothered him or anything like that but in order to ingratiate himself with UCID party. Obviously, it is in UCID's interest to distance itself from such a self-confessed and unrepentant liar. This episode confirms the corruption and deep cynicism that pervades the highest levels of Somaliland's government and provides good reason for why Somalilanders are correct in not accepting at face-value the claims and pronouncements of President Dahir Rayale Kahin and his ministers.

Somaliland Times

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Enough is Enough-Dahir Rayale

Enough is Enough-Dahir Rayale

The people of Awdal have been patient for a long time and is time to rise and fight against injustices, humiliations and the intolerable and constant demeaning. The Awdal people are hard-working, honest and sophisticated people who has always think twice before taking actions. They are unlike the other Somali nomads who act on emotions and impulses. However, it is obvious that ignorant, illiterate Dahir Rayle and his hunch men did miscalculations and tested the people's patience to the zero limit.
Firstly, all agencies and important administrative institutions are removed from Awdal and that created a  large unemployment. Today, in Borama alone, tens of thousands of well-educated young people are in the streets. These young men and women worked hard and completed their studies in different fields. They are often jailed when they protest or ask for better conditions. The business people have to wait everything from Berbera when there are other possible routes.
Secondly, members of the people's elite were very recently slaughtered in cold blood and Dhair Rayale could not dare to even send condolences to his people. The butchers are still being covered by their own people and Rayale works as though nothing has happened. What an immoral and stupid mentality for a so-called president of a nation.
Thirdly, Rayale has exchanged Samaroon land for a passport. This last incident shows how cheap this man and his wife are. The Djibouti president has studied them carefully and  blackmailed accordingly. He found them that they needed two important issues: (1) A bank account where they can hide their rip-off money (2) Passport for insecure family. Every Somaliland woman and man knows that Zeila and surroundings was not an Issa land. It is a Samaroon land in history and in today. The Issa administration in Djibouti had long dreams of finding backyard for their hot Island of Djibouti. Many different tactical projects and plans were presented by Djibouti to the existed Somali governments but were all rejected. Today, Rayale and his greedy and insane wife are trying to sell Samaroon lands piece by piece. They don't care about the future of their people's children. They think only about the future of their children.
Final advice to you and your henchmen(Awdal governors)  in Awdal. Many African dictators, who were stronger than you, were chased away. where is Mengistu and where is Siyad Barre?. Come back your to sense before it is too late. the rip-off money did not help those dictators and so it wont help your family. 

Abdikarim A. Osman

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Somaliland leaders still smell the British Rule

Somaliland leaders still smell the British Rule, therefore Mr Donal
Payne, they will not sit with other Somalis
By Mohamed A. Mirreh

In an attempt to alleviate the ongoing tragedy in Somalia, Mr. Donald
M. Payne of the United States Congress invited the TFG of Somalia,
Puntland administration and Somaliland administration to a meeting in
Washington on 25th June, 2009. Initially all the three entities
accepted the invitation but only the TFG and Puntland representatives
have attended the meeting, while the Somaliland´s "foreign minister"
being ill-advised by foreign whistle-blowers did not show up in the
meeting, claiming that "Somaliland is an independent country which has
nothing to do with other Somalis".

Following this and during the congressional hearings in Washington DC,
Hon Donald Payne, Chairman of Committee for African Affairs at US
Congress had, bearing in mind that the so-called Somaliland is not sui
generis and its people are not different from other Somalis, stated
the following: If they [Somaliland people] want to be isolated, they
can be assured that I will do all I can to isolate them.

This statement by the congressman, which certainly did not cut ice
with the secessionists, has apparently prompted an outcry among those
who are desperate for secession, to the extent that in an article: to, Hon Donald Payne was likened to a warlord and a
terrorist of Somalia.

In another letter: which has appeared in WardheerNews and other Somali
websites, addressed to Hon Donald Payne, Mr Mohamed Baranbaro, the
author of the letter tried to convince the congressman and his
associates that "Somaliland" deserves an international recognition. If
anything this type of letter is a downright insult to the intelligence
of any learned congressman, like Hon Donald Payne. There is a paucity
of truthfulness in the said letter and its content is basically a
rehash of the secessionist's stereotype and ludicrous claims for a
much sought international recognition.

These types of acts clearly reflect how the "leaders" of one clan in
North-west Somalia want to mislead the international community and get
an international recognition for a pretend state called, Somaliland.
Institutions like the US congress and all other international forum
are privy to the fact that the concept of "Somaliland" is the
invention of some disgruntled "politicians" of one clan among the five
clans in northern Somalia (former British Somaliland), who acting upon
tribal dominance and taking the advantage of the collapse of the
Somali state, unilaterally declared in May 1991, a secession of the
area from Somalia and adopted a former colonial name of Somaliland.

For the last 18 years the secessionists and some hired foreign agents
have been relentlessly campaigning for Somaliland´s recognition and
these often present flimsy justifications as pre-requisite for
recognition. Among these justifications are that Somaliland is
democratic, peaceful and both presidential and parliamentarian
elections were conducted or that all the clans in the former British
Somaliland are identified with the secession. All these,
justifications which are similar to the hackneyed collection of claims
stated by Mohamed Baranbaro do not hold water and a point-by-point
rebuttal to these claims are given below:

Somaliland was an independent nation with internationally delineated
boundaries and was recognized by 34 nations including 5 permanent
This is a lie and I challenge anyone who can produce a single country,
let alone 34 countries or the 5 permanent members of the UN, which
ever recognised Somaliland as an independent state. It is irrational
that any government would have recognised a transient administration
as an independent state, that was only to exist for 4 days (26 June -1
July 1960) and then to disappear for good after joining an
administration from the South to form the unity government of the
Somali Republic. Mr Baranbaro is day-dreaming if he thinks that his
claim is available in the archives of the UN or in the records of the
34 countries, mentioned in his letter.

Somaliland existed before Somalia was granted independence. Once
Somalia achieved independence, Somaliland then initiated a Union with
Somalia for a greater "Somali Republic". There had never been a state
called Somaliland unless one erroneously believes that the then
British Somaliland Protectorate was a separate state and was not an
occupied part of the Somali home by the British colonisers. Also, the
union was not initiated by the North, but it was an aspiration of all

This Union was never legally formed thus never bound Somaliland to perpetuity.
Contrary to this claim and unless Mr Baranbaro is speaking through his
hat, one clan has no solid legal basis to abrogate the act of union
(Atto di Unione) formed and signed by the governments of North and
South in 1960.

Somaliland never relinquished her right to restore her independence at
any point. Somaliland restored her independence in 1991 after 30 years
of the disastrous policies that saw the aerial bombardment of cities,
the massacre of over 50,000 innocent people and the systemic
humiliation of the people of Somaliland.

The writer of this claim, like all the proponents of secession
believes that his clan had solely inherited from the British, all the
territories of the former British Somaliland Protectorate and by
virtue of this, his clan alone decides in an on-and-off mode, when and
how the north-west of Somalia  can be part of Somalia. Again, Mr
Mohamed Baranbaro as usual heaps all the blames to the unity itself or
the South but conveniently ignores that the politicians, both from
North and South were to be blamed. The secessionist´s claim that 50
000 of their people were killed by the former Somali president, Siyad
Bare who was from the South, is exceedingly over the top and even if
this and other fabricated stories were true, these would not justify
for an international recognition to Somaliland, as the said regime
which had army officers both from North and South of Somalia, also
carried out killings in the South and central parts of Somalia. One
must also recall that the people of Sool, Sanag and Cayn of North
Somalia were massacred by their thousands during the Darwish
movements' in1900 – 1921. These massacres were committed by the
British colonisers with the collaboration of Somalis and Ethiopia.
This historical fact is not an invented one, but it is documented and
can be found in the world libraries. From these library records, Mr
Baranbaro can find out who were these Somalis who collaborated with
the British colonisers.

The Somaliland public voted overwhelmingly- on more than one occasion
- to rescind the union. This decision is neither reversible nor open
to negotiation.
This is again a wishful thinking to contemplate that all clans in the
north-west regions of Somalia are behind the secession. The fact that
Somaliland militia occupies in the unionist Sool region and its
capital Lasanod which they invaded in October, 2007 speaks for itself.

Somaliland's case is unique in that the recognition of Somaliland will
not set precedent or infringe upon African Union protocol or
convention. There are no other formerly independent and recognized
nations seeking to exit union or reclaim independence.
There is nothing uniqueness in the secessionist´s cause and simply
put, if Somalia is divisible so is the so-called Somaliland. World
bodies like the UN, AU and all other international organisations know
that if this clan-entity is recognised this will let the genie out of
the bottle, therefore the unity of Somalia is sacred and untouchable.

Somaliland fulfils all requirements for statehood; a) the nation has a
permanent population, b) had been independent once before, c) has a
clearly defined territory.
The secessionists always highlight their fond for the legacy of
British rule and its attributes, like a defined territory, based on
arbitrary boundary and drawn by the British. One has to know that such
boundary was illegal in the first place, and became obsolete once the
internationally recognised boundary of Somalia was in place and, if an
arbitrary boundary was to be counted one has to remember that the
Turks, Egyptians and even the Omanis ruled some parts of the Somali
home and as a result had drawn their respective arbitrary boundaries.
One wonders why unlike other regions of Somalia and of all those
powers who occupied Somalia, the British legacy in Hargeisa is
olfactory and aural – Was there very special bond between the British
colonisers and those who still evocatively remember the British rule?

Mohamed A. Mirreh