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Somaliland: Ismail H Nuur, the most corrupt mayor in Somaliland

Ismail H Nuur, the most corrupt mayor in Somaliland

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Medeshi April 17, 2009
Ismail .H .Nuur, the most corrupt mayor in Somaliland
Ismail H. Nuur has been reported to be the most corrupt mayor n Somaliland as written in Qaran news

The mayor who has very little educational background has attained his post as a result of clan lobbying and nepotism and has since then been very close to president Riyale to maintain his position. He has been the yes man of the president for Sanaag and was even seen in a photo with with Riyaale in Berbera during the recent protest against the minister of education of Somaliland Hassan Gadhweyne by the students of H.Afqalooc secondary school in Erigavo.
(Photo: the latest two storey bulding of the mayor)
This man has accumulated much money through corruption, nepotism and money laundering by using his post as the mayor of Erigavo. The photo shown above is among his latest buildings in this poverty ridden capital of Sannag region. I wonder how long the people of Somaliland will tolerate this corrupt and illiterate mayor
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