Sunday, March 29, 2009

Somaliland Opposition should BOYCOTT the elections

 Rayale and his gang think they own everything in the country. Mr. Ahmed Siilayo talked to the BBC Somali service on 28 of March 29 about how Riyaale uses illegal means and tools to extend his dictator rule. Mr.Siilanyo did not elaborate much about these tools, but mainly (Opinion) - Somaliland Opposition should BOYCOTT the elections thumbnailRiyale uses two bodies: One is the national election committee which all it previous heads were the three members picked by Riyale directly. The other illegal body is the Guurti who are representing and protecting Riyale and not the people.

I think now it is time to show this gang that the opposition represents the hope for this country. It is time to show the kind of future Somaliland would hold without Kulmiye & UCID. It is the best time to prove for those who love peace that these two opposition parties act as a firewall that protects Somaliland from violence and other forms of opposition which are harmful to our existence. Today, it is the time to show the world the truth about Riyale who did not listen to his people but rather to his dictator friends: Meles Zinawi and Omer Geele

Therefore, I call for opposition parties to quit this show and boycott the elections. Otherwise they will be the third body working for Riyale and his gang to cover up more extensions and illegal secular rule under the cover of a lie called in Somaliland democracy.

Abdirahman Mohamed

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