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The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part X–Anglo-French Colonialism


The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part X–Anglo-French Colonialism: the Main Enemy of All Somalis

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
March 21, 2009
In nine earlier articles (The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part I–Journalist Nur Ahmed Gagab Injured by Riyaale´s Guards -; The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part II–Somalia´s Peace to Trigger the End of Evil "Ethiopia" -; The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part III – Somaliland Elections Under Chaotic Circumstances -; The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part IV–Denunciation of Misinformation Posted in Saylac Website -; The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part V – North Somalis Appeal to the World Community Vs. Riyaale -; The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part VI – North Somalis Disgrace Riyaale´s Gang, Family, Wife -; The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part VII – North Somalis´ Massive Outcry Against Tyrant Riyaale –; The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part VIII - Somaliland's Claim to Sovereignty Denied -; The End of Secessionism in Somalia. Part IX–Freedom of Press Inexistent in Pseudo-state Somaliland -, I focused on developments that took place in, and issues pertaining to, Northern Somalia whereby a corrupt, tyrannical, and totalitarian regime of Quislings is about to collapse.

In the forthcoming presidential elections, the quasi-totality of the local Somalis are determined to put an end to the tyranny that survived due to Abyssinian support and Riyaale´s servility to the bestial Anti-Somali racist Abyssinian dictator Zenawi. It is therefore essential to correctly identify the main foe of all Somalis.

Many Northern Somalis have written to me in various moments in the past and more recently asking me why in many articles of mine I attacked the secessionist entity that momentarily seemed to ensure greater calm and longer peace than the tormented Somali South.

It is essential to go beyond the precarious and to see deep in the historical past; my attacks were never of personal character per se. And I never believed that possible problems that can arise among various tribes do not have effective solutions. My denunciation of the terminating Riyaale regime was due mainly to his betrayal of the Somali History: the subordination of part of Somalia to the historical enemy of the Somali Muslims, the evil, heretic and racist state of Abyssinia, was an inexcusable policy.

One has to see however beyond that level too; Abyssinia would have never achieved to expand at the prejudice of so many nations of Eastern Africa without the French and the British support. There – in the colonial policies of England and France – lies the basic reason of the adversities faced by all the Somalis.

This is corroborated by a new report that sheds light on how England and France, manipulating the entire European Union, feed the tyrannical secessionist regime, at the moment another report reveals that Somali teachers complain that in the Somali North they have been working without getting paid their meager salaries.

I therefore republish both reports that combined reveal that peace in Somalia, rehabilitation and progress in the Horn of Africa will only be achieved when all the Somalis unite and eliminate every Anglo-French colonial presence. Nothing good will come from the racist, Anti-Somali colonialists, even when it takes the apparently innocent form of an institute of foreign languages, such as the British Council and the Institut Francais.

The EU is part of the problem in Somaliland

by Jamal Madar

The European Union gave millions of Euros in aid to the National Electoral Commission (NEC) in order to carry out voter registration campaign throughout Somaliland. However, the first cash installment of that aid did not only disappear into a bottomless black hole of incompetence and corruption but had led to the disastrous failure of the entire voter registration.

The voter registration started in October 2008 and was basically intended to ensure that everyone entitled to vote could do so, to prevent ineligible persons from voting, and to guard against multiple voting by the same individual. The accuracy of a voter register is therefore a key element in ensuring that all qualified constituents can enjoy the right to vote.

Sadly, the entire process has been a shambles from start to finish. Consequently, hundreds of thousands of people had been disadvantaged or disenfranchised simply because the whole process was not entirely properly thought out. It was therefore doomed from the start to fail. Procedures were not carefully planned and implemented and as a result the data of hundreds of thousands of people i.e. finger prints, photos and other personal details were either missing or accidentally or deliberately deleted; the server that was meant to process the images and fingerprints to detect double votes still lacks properly trained and knowledgeable people to operate it and the mysterious announcement by the Head of the Voter Registration Bureau that the Awdal region digital voter list jumped from the NEC´s original figure of 134,000 to 180,000 overnight further muddied the waters. This was the last nail in the coffin of the voter registration.

The government´s constant meddling in the internal affairs of the NEC is responsible for this utter mess.

Clearly, the voter registration process was used as a ploy by Rayale and his henchmen to create chaos and confusion in an apparent attempt to pave the ground for the postponement of the presidential election at a later date. Surely, Rayale and his unscrupulous gang have succeeded with flying colours to achieve their goals.

The intermediary agency, INTERPEACE, which the EU money was held in its bank account was consistently unable to account for hundreds of thousands of Euros spent by the NEC thus far. However, Interpeace was used and abused by the Rayale government to advance its political ends to postpone the presidential election. It involved itself deep into the rough and tumble of Somaliland politics.

In a nutshell, the EU funds have been siphoned off; there is no credible voters´ register, the so-called server is not functioning and the government willfully failed to fully pay its share of the voter registration expenses.

As a result of this failed EU-funded project, the presidential election that was scheduled to take place on 29 March 2009 is unlikely to happen for many months to come. The notion that somehow the election will occur on 31st May 2009, as the NEC officially announced recently is simply not credible.

It was ´the European Union who blindly insisted on Somaliland voter registration without understanding its traditions´. It is therefore fair to say the EU is part and parcel of the problem in Somaliland today.

Now the onus is on the EU officials to tell Rayale in no uncertain terms that he should resign from office by the end of his term on 6 April 2009 so that all leaders of the three major political parties can have a level-playing field in a fair and free presidential election.

Failure to do so may lead the country to serious civil disturbances that could destabilize it.

The people of Somaliland will not accept this time around for Rayale to attempt to enter into the office of the presidency through the window.

Jamal Madar can be reached here:

Teachers In Somaliland Complain About Work Without Pay

Hargeisa (Somaliland Globe) — Dozens of Somaliland teachers demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Education in Hargeisa, complaining about the lack of payment.

The teachers say they had not been paid any salary for the last three months.

A spokesperson for the teachers said a small allowance raised from parents of the students is largely divided between the ministry and the head-teachers of the schools. He added that the teachers only receive a token amount of that money.

The teachers, who teach at schools in all levels up to the high school, say after several months of no payment they were left with no other options but to demonstrate in front of the ministry.

Today´s demonstration comes hot on the heels of reports of government receiving a new patch of printed money. Eye-witnesses say four containers containing the newly printed Somaliland shilling arrived at Berbera port this week and were swiftly hauled to Hargeisa.


Picture: All the complex problems of Somalia have today one common denominator: Anglo-French colonialism.

These are the shameful colonialist souvenirs of the curse and barbaric English, who describe them in the following racist terms:

"A limited edition Askari depicting the Kings African Rifles Somaliland Camel Corp c.1912 at the time of the Mad Mullah Campaign in British East Africa.

The Somali people are natural camel riders, it is in their blood and the Somaliland Camel Corps has its origin in a Camel Constabulary which was raised by the British in 1912 to check inter-tribal fighting.

During the Mad Mullah campaign -a small colonial war waged against the religious fanatic Mohammed bin Abdullah Hassan - the camel corps grew to some 700 mounted riders serving gallantly they captured his Jidali hideout.

The Corps consisted of a camel company, pony company and a mechanised infantry company. The Corps was part of the Kings African Rifles which was maintained by the various territories in British East Africa".

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

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