Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The cloak-and-daggers boys Inc. of Somaliland

The cloak-and-daggers boys Inc. of Somaliland

By Sagal Say Wallahi

The cloak-and-daggers boys of Somaliland have a sharp eye for what
they perceive as the enemy of the nation. Synlayo, Ina Xashi, Gabosse
or anyone else with SNM antecedents are allegedly destroying
Somaliland's long march to recognition. They even dismiss Qaran's good
old-fashioned political activism as terrorism to cash in on America's
one-dimensional foreign policy. One reason: Ina Riyale, a tinpot
dictator from tiny and obscure Quulul Jeed, is surrounded by
sycophants frightened to give him reality checks about Somaliland's
political situation.

The irony is that many former NSS hit men are pointing fingers at
yesterday's mujahidins. Once again, Somalilanders have found
themselves growing increasingly angry at the absurdity of these
allegations, most are not overimpressed with Udub late remarks. Look
no further. Riyal's recent declaration of war before the two Houses
shows the autocratic shift in Somaliland political system. Riyal's
speech was full of blahs (with a dose of anti-Semitism) and committed
a very well known astronomer fallacy. Astronomers draw lines all over
the universe and as soon as a new star is discovered, they claim
copyright. Our Colonel claims he is behind every single project in
Somaliland, just like the grandiose self-delusion of the addict.

Somaliland's little boy from Quulul Jeed confuses also political
gimmicks with legal and legitimate arguments. For example, as of 15 of
May, the opposition parties did not recognize the political legitimacy
of the government. Rightly so. On the 15 th, Ryale's regime was
neither legal nor legitimate. Not legal because the extension was
based on a dubious decision by the atavistic Guurti. Not legitimate
because the extension was not based on consensus and compromise, but
on the Guurti unilateralism. This recent political behavior has
triggered, among sensible individuals, a fresh argument about the role
and the place of the Guurti. Somalilanders feel also that Riyal seems
to have entrenched himself politically and will be difficult to move,
for he controls the Supreme Court, the Guurti, the tools of oppression
(the army, the police and the so-called Nabad Sugiid) and close to 70%
of local governments.

Somalilanders sense this drift towards totalitarianism because over
the years they have demonstrated certain prescience in detecting
Ubu-like tendencies.
Our Colonel has his serie B ideologists defending him. Browse any
pro-regime web site - particularly Awdalnews and Qaraannews - and you
will see how today's writers stifle people's conscience. Long time
Faqaash supporters such as the 3 stooges – Ina Sulub, Ciiro and Cawil,
born again Somalilanders who were chosen for their capacity to stir up
old wounds and to manufacture consent - squabble day and night about
SNM's political heritage. They attack Gabose's origins. They put a
know-it-all face and became convenient revisionists who spend most of
their time exploiting 1994, the year of our minor civil war. They're
deliberately trying to erase SNM's heritage to balm their guilt and
past political choices. Let's check our historical facts: of the 33 or
so of Somaliland's peace and reconciliation conferences, 22 were
organized under the auspices of the SNM. Considering the mayhem and
the total destruction of our cities by the Faqaash, it was quite an
extraordinary achievement. And am not even counting the political
genius of the SNM in crafting our political system (our bicameral
system was invented during the struggle) So Mr. President, we know you
are the only person in Somaliland and beyond who reads our
constitution, but you should stop saying nothing happened before ina
Cigal. Quite frankly, Mr. President you are too good for your boots.
There is nothing anybody can do if, in the 80's, you and your 3
stooges were the main collaborators of syad's fascist regime. You are
not alone because the wheels of herd mentality are in motion, a
flashback from the 80's when this click was supporting Syad's fascist
regime. Once a collaborator always a collaborator, I suppose. People
could expect political blunders from the 3 stooges and their lack of
historical perspective is understandable, but not from Dr Mahamud
Tani, one of Somaliland's historical figures.

Dr. Tani's faulty parallelisms and historical falsifications show his
one-sided stand and clearly reveal Udub's disingenuous attitude
towards our young democratic polity. Tani brandishes the French
Resistance as a model, but he forgets that most collaborators were
killed within few days of the liberation. Anything goes to keep his
inadeero in power. Tani and his NSS ideologues portray virtually any
historical fact/fiction as a relevant political issue. This new breed
of gulwadee uses Synlayo's political history, imagined or real, as the
main culprit of today's social ills while hiding Riyal's infamous
obscure past during his NSS years when he was involved in SS style
Evidently, Dr. Tani has lately identified himself with his former
prison guards, suffering from a clear case of Holocaust Syndrome where
victims cooperate with their oppressors. Dr Tani, for obvious reason,
is watching and backing the stooges rolling back Somalilnders'
fundamental rights and destroying the SNM political experience in the
name of untold politics of pardon. For the train eye, Tani seems to be
as blind as ever, loosing even his two cents grip on reality and
blasting away at friends and foe alike. An act of a lost innocence? I
sincerely doubt it, because Tani and his UDUB Inc. (Tani's adeero is
one of the main figures in Ryale's cabinet) constantly recycle
reactionary ideas and political clichés to belittle anyone who tries
to articulate an oppositional discourse.

Taken as a whole, UDUB's basic message is that servitude is essential
for our political space. We are told that political bondage and cult
of personality are not as remotely as important as defending noble
causes and many other things that Somalilanders accomplished against
all odds. Consequently, they arrest, inflate and instigate in the name
of a cheap patriotism while using political clichés such as wining the
hearts and minds of Somalilanders and sexual imagery "ina rayale
dhabta ku fadhiya". As we all know, sexual imagery has a profound,
though often subliminal influence on people's political senses. The
phallus becomes the central political object. The quintessential
question is: who is doing whom? I suppose, yesterday's feeble
collaborators are on the receiving end. For this NSS regime, politics
is a swing joint where political debauchery are the rule of the game.
History teaches us that such political adventurism go hardly
unpunished by the tides of upheaval. If Somalilanders do not select
their next president wisely, they will suffer again to remove the
cloak-and-dagger boys from power. They just cannot afford to feel
wistful about the democratic perks they're giving up.
Sagal Say Wallahi


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