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Paris Hotel Receptionists: the Only Interlocutors for Pseudo-State Somaliland's "President" RiyaleDr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

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Print Article Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis October 02, 2008 Following the social and political decomposition of the erratic pseudo-state of Somaliland, formed under Abyssinian ('Ethiopian') guidance and colonialist anti-Somali involvement, the illegitimate local puppet of the Abyssinian tyrant Zenawi, 'president' Riyale, thought opportune to travel abroad in order to boost his image of shameful tribal thug, murderous tyrant, and ridiculous puppet of the Abyssinians.
What this silly and burlesque type of thug forgot is that Paris is not Addis Ababa (as Finfinnee, the Oromo capital, is named in the tyrannical realm of Abyssinia) where Riyale travels to posture as president when he is among those whom he serves as a shameful puppet. In fact, only the hotel receptionists were ready to meet this comical visitor whose budget was made entirely out of money stolen from the Northern Somalis who - tyrannized by Riyale's militias - passionately desire peace to prevail in the Somali South, and the Islamic Somali patriots to enter Hargeysa.
In my earlier article 'Somaliland - the Clowns of the Lost Recognition, and their End' (, I wrote the following:
"It was just a myth; that of a part of Somali territory being calm and ´still´ functioning as a state. The myth was enhanced by narratives about the peaceful image of Berbera, the illegal harbour of the permanently anti-Somali Abyssinians in … Somalia.
The myth sounded logical; many believed that some Somalis wished to keep their lives far from the Mogadishu troubles. It could be true.
The myth was enriched with reconfirmations, justifications and explanations based on historical events. Northwestern Somalia had indeed crossed difficult times during the Siyad Barre presidency in the 80s.
Then, the myth started being transformed into an anecdote. If peace is preserved in Hargeysa, during the Civil Strife in the Somali South, why does the precarious and unrecognized state of Somaliland demand international recognition? Why on earth can´t the Hargeysa authorities discuss with the other Somalis, why can´t they help set up an all-Somali conference where everything will be discussed and a compromise will be reached in order to let all cohabitate under a re-unified Somalia?
As questions started arising about the possible intentions of the Hargeysa administrators (do not call them ministers or president, if you please!), the Somaliland anecdote turned out to be the Hargeysa comedy. Treacherously elected gang members went on with declarations of divisiveness and discord. Because of having been mistreated by someone who is not alive and whose collaborators can be retraced today throughout Somalia, among all parts, territories and parties, the Hargeysa clowns ´decided´ that the prefab ´Somaliland´ should go alone, and embarked on an all-consuming, unrealistic, heart-breaking, quixotic, and definitely un-Somali effort to obtain an otherwise impossible recognition.
The so-called Hargeysa ministers became the Clowns of the Lost Recognition, and every foreign visitor who happened to belong to an elected or unelected government was portrayed as herald of Somaliland´s recognition. But the recognition never came! Even worse, those who promised help did not deliver, and this happened despite the facilities offered to them.
We talk of course about the traditional, historical, and vicious enemies of Somalia, the Abyssinians; they promised help, if offered facilities at the Berbera harbour. What would become of Abyssinia, fallaciously re-baptized Ethiopia, if Somaliland closed it borders or asked the same high customs duties as those demanded at the Djibouti harbour? Yet, the Abyssinian allies of the Hargeysa ignorant, inexperienced and panicked rulers have a local liaison office at Hargeysa that they don´t dare promote to the level of consulate or embassy, as it would signify direct recognition of Somaliland. Why? The reason is simple; if they do so, they may eventually influence other countries in doing so. This does not correspond to the real interests of the Neo-Nazi Abyssinian gangsters around the Tigray tyrant Meles Zenawi; if this happened, they would lose all the leverage they have been exercising over Hargeysa. The Hargeysa clowns are therefore constrained to play in a tragedy".
The tragedy of Riyale, besotted pilgrim in an indifferent capital where he counts less than the local cockroaches, was plainly revealed in an article written by a Northern Somali. To therefore shed more light on the issue, I republish the insightful feature from the Somali patriotic blog that I strongly recommend to your attention.
(also published in:
Hargeisa (Observer): Without much fanfare or explanation President Riyale departed for Europe last week. His first stop Paris. But even his envoy to France, Mohamoud Salah Nur, was not aware of his plans. Sources close to the presidency say that Mr. Nur was told of the trip just 2 nights before departure. He could not go with the President because his visa had expired, but reports indicate that he was able to join the delegation for some of his end of visit meetings after French Embassy in Djibouti expedited his travel. The President´s Foreign Minister, had also been scheduled to go to London and apparently was left out of this important trip.
In the meantime, the two top leaders of the House of Representatives have been on a never ending overseas junket. We do not know at whose expenses, but we certainly know they were not doing the job they are being paid to do. Just this month, Chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Irro and Deputy-Chairman Sheikh Abdilasis Samale first traveled to Nairobi, came back for just two days, only to embark on a European tour of their own. By some accounts, they may have spent more time on these trips then at the House of Representatives. The two parliamentarians almost always send back press reports of their meetings with the international diplomatic corps as well as senior government officials in the countries they visit. But they were not elected for that job.

They were elected to lead the legislature and the legislature is clearly floundering. No sessions of consequences have been held at the Parliament for more than a year now. Moreover, on these foreign trips, the Observer was told by reliable sources, that they never receive briefings or guidance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. No one knows whether their discussions with foreign diplomats supports or diminishes our own government´s doctrine and strategy (if there are any). They are literally running a foreign policy of their own. At the time the President was meeting with French officials, Chairman Irro sent out press releases indicating Norway to be Somaliland´s best friend in Europe. Benign statement perhaps, but it is certain that nothing was coordinated between the two delegations.
On Wednesday, the President left France for Germany. French journalists contacted by the Observer say not much has happened in Paris. He was not officially received. No meeting with

President Sarkozy, but only with Bruno Joubert, Elysee Palace´s Africa Adviser. There is no Foccart anymore at the Elysee and in any case, the Africa adviser usually concerns himself with former French colonies. At the Quai d´Orsay, the President could not secure a meeting with Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, who does know something about Somaliland´s struggle nor with Deputy Foreign Minister who certainly knows a lot about Africa. The Presidents team could only manage a meeting with Mr. Jean de Gliniasty, the Director for Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands at the Ministry. All told, the same level of meetings other Somaliland dignitaries already had with French authorities.

The President did not even bother to meet with the energetic Somaliland community in France. No side trips to Lyons, the hub of the Somaliland Community in France, which is just a one-hour ride on the very comfortable TGV.

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