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As the situation in starving Ogaden deteriorates, extraordinary measures have to be taken, if we take into consideration that the UN and the US proved

Given the tyrannical structure of the Abyssinian state (fallaciously re-baptized ´Ethiopia´), the Zenawi administration, possessed by racist hysteria, anti-Islamic madness and tribal hatred against the Islamic Nation of Ogaden, repeatedly withheld aid sent for Ogaden, diverting it to criminal death squads that spread terror in Ogaden and other parts of the inhumanly tyrannized country.

Only 18% of the country´s population (namely the Amhara and Tigray Monophysitic Abyssinians) staff and therefore control the Abyssinian (´Ethiopian´) "diplomatic" body, using their position´s privileges to continue and complete the ongoing Genocide of Ogaden). Misinforming the international community through a network of unrepresentative embassies, the tribal pseudo-diplomats of Amhara and Tigray origin are common liars and monstrous accomplices of Africa´s most recent Genocide. The world community cannot afford to allow them perpetrate against the Ogadenis what Hitler´s Nazi Germany carried out against the European Jewry.

It is therefore a matter of the utmost urgency for the UN, the US and the European aid agencies, as well as the world´s leading Humanitarian agencies and NGOs, to contact the political leadership of the Ogadeni Nation, the Ogaden National Liberation Front, and cooperate with them in the creation of an International Humanitarian Corridor in Ogaden. In case the criminal racist state of ´Ethiopia´ does not immediately accept this measure, which is the only to prevent a humanitarian disaster of unprecedented scale, the way will be open for an immediate UN Security Council resolution and deployment of UN peacekeeping troops throughout Ogaden. I republish here the recent ONLF press release which calls for an International Humanitarian Corridor in Ogaden, and an insightful feature on the US aid which is under preparation, published in the portal Afrik.

The Americans have got a great and brilliant tradition in sending humanitarian aid; on the other hand, they are proverbial in terms of inefficiency when it comes to conflicts they never had the slightest idea about, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia being some of the examples. In this case, if American aid reaches the racist Amhara and Tigray death squads of Meles Zenawi, the cannibal friend of Jendayi Frazer, the US aid services will stand accused for contribution to Genocide. When it comes to Ogaden, the only interlocutor for the UN, America and Europe is the ONLF. ONLF Call For International Humanitarian Corridor In Ogaden Release15 September 2008
The scope and severity of the famine in Ogaden, coupled with soaring food prices mainly as a result of the economic blockade of Ogaden by the Ethiopian regime, has brought the Ogaden to the brink of a man made humanitarian catastrophe. The Ethiopian regime continues to severely restrict humanitarian assistance to our people while using what little food aid that gets through as a political weapon aimed at collectively our villagers and nomads. The United Nations has been largely unsuccessful at distributing humanitarian assistance to the Ogaden specifically due to the blatant and frequent obstacles presented by the Ethiopian regime. Independent aid agencies have been largely banned from the region with no indications they will be allowed to return despite the worsening humanitarian situation.

It is due to this reality that the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) on behalf of the people of Ogaden calls upon the international community to realize an immediate emergency international humanitarian corridor in Ogaden. Such a corridor is not without precedent and is both appropriate and implementable in the Ogaden. A humanitarian corridor can be demilitarized if Ethiopian troops do not escort or interfere with humanitarian aid convoys. As we have stated on numerous occasions, the ONLF is prepared to do all that is necessary to facilitate the distribution of food aid in Ogaden including working with the international community to realize a functioning emergency international humanitarian corridor.

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) US comes to Ethiopia´s rescue communities in Ethiopia will receive an additional food aid package of nearly US$ 60 million from the US through the UN World Food Programme, it was officially announced Thursday.The US Agency for International Development (USAID) said the relief contribution provided by America consisted of nearly 72,000 metric tonnes (MT) of food, including approximately 33,000 MT of sorghum, 33,000 MT of wheat, 5,000 MT of corn soya blend (CSB), and 1,000 MT of vegetable oil.

UN and non-governmental relief agencies operating in Ethiopia reported that increasing food insecurity and malnutrition in some areas of the country were posing a serious challenge to humanitarian response activities.For instance, reports said the overall humanitarian situation in the south-eastern Somali Region had worsened due to progressive shortages of water and food.The US is the largest donor of emergency food assistance to Ethiopia.Since October 2007, the American people have provided more than 804,000 MT of food assistance to the disaster-prone East African country.

Given through USAID´s Office of Food for Peace, the assistance was valued at nearly US$ 627 million and it included more than US$ 324 million in emergency food commodities and more than US$ 302 million in contributions to the Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP), a multi-donor effort led by the Ethiopian government to a ddress chronic food insecurity.Meanwhile, Assistant Administrator of the USAID´s Bureau of Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance, Michael Hess, and Jeff Borns, Director of the Office of Food for Peace, are currently visiting Ethiopia to meet with government officials and representatives from humanitarian organisations and analyse the effectiveness of the American humanitarian assistance in affected areas.

During their 15-19 September 2008 tour, Hess and Borns have travelled to Somali and Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples regions of Ethiopia to observe USA ID-funded programmes and meet with regional officials and USAID partners.According to the Somali Regional Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Bureau, food and water shortages have reached critical levels in many areas of the region leading to increased rural-urban migration.Affected areas include Korahe, Warder, Degehabur, Gode, Fik and parts of Liben and Afder zones.Also, WFP reported that the region remained of particular concern due to erratic dispatches of food assistance.

Constant increase in food prices has compounded food insecurity while livestock mortality is escalating due to extreme shortages of water and pasture and drought-related diseases.With concern growing about the likely exacerbation of drought conditions as the July-September rains in Jijiga and Shinile zones are nearing a failure, regional officials said priority responses should be immediate interventions in food, in come and livelihood protection support, animal feeds and water supply.According to WFP, increasing needs of food assistance in Ethiopia remained the leading factor challenging timely and adequate response activities.The agency currently faces a resource shortfall totaling 145,690 MT of relief food valued at US$ 118.9 million.

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis September 19, 2008

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