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The Dissolution of Somaliland–Part VI

The Dissolution of Somaliland–Part VI. Dalmar Kaahin´s Crocodile Tears and the Hargeisa Sewerage

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
In five earlier articles entitled "The Dissolution of Somaliland – Part I North Somalis to Convert Rage to Acts Against Tyrant Riyaale" (, "The Dissolution of Somaliland–Part II. Can NSUM and Patriotic Forces Lead the People to Insurgence?" (, "The Dissolution of Somaliland – Part III. The Time for Revolt Against Riyaale Has Come" (, "The Dissolution of Somaliland – Part IV. Revolt: the Only Way to Survive for North Somalis" ( and "The Dissolution of Somaliland–Part V Why Secede, if North Somalis Can Lead the Entire Somali Nation?" (, I focused on the rejection of the Riyaale tyranny by the outright majority of the North Somalis, and I republished numerous reports about the ongoing crisis and different criticisms against the present administration of the breakaway pseudo-state. I stressed the need for drastic and violent reaction to overthrow the tyranny of the Riyaale gang.

In the present article, I intend to offer an example to avoid. This type of examples helps always identify the negative, the perverse and the calamitous. What can truly be worse than inconsistence, fallacy and immoral stance?

Inconsistence is always exploited by intruders, and inconsistent people are constantly driven to disaster because they offer by themselves the means of their nullification. Fallacy drives people to immoral deals and there lies the beginning of every failure.

Before some months, I faced the insults and the offenses of a staunch defender of the vicious lie that Somaliland was almost the Paradise on Earth! Ridiculous arguments matched with unprecedented ignorance and personal hatred led a North Somali renegade, named Dalmar Kahin, to such degree of hysteria that he even dedicated entire articles to my modest person – not to refute my arguments and persistent support of Somalia´s unity (which is impossible to him) but to express against me the lowest of the low and the filthiest of the filthy. I felt obliged to answer once to that sad case of complex of inferiority in order to clarify several issues.

Well, well, now that I am proven correct, and Somaliland gets disintegrated, the inconsistent Dalmar Kahin, having lost the salary paid to him by the Hargeisa gang, publishes a nonsensical text of self-nullification to admit that the recognition of Somaliland is postponed until the Greek Calends, and in doing so to ridicule the earlier, otherwise useless and farcical, literature of his.

I herewith republish his recent text, and my earlier article – refutation of his so erroneous ideas. This is the time of comparisons and conclusions. All that Dalmar Kahin says now is sufficient enough to show how wrong he had been, and to what extent he damaged his own country, Somalia, with his paranoid manners that all Somalis have to avoid.

Somaliland Election Delayed—So Did Its Recognition

By Dalmar Kaahin

Although Somaliland election faces many external challenges: lack of trainings, logistics, inadequate funding, and incomplete voter registrations, among others, even more serious are the internal obstacles.

Delaying the election sounded reasonable for the first time. However, extending President Dahir Riyale Kahin´s term for one year raised suspension. Worse yet, postponing the election and increasing Mr. Kahin´s term for the second time paints a bleak future for Somaliland. He secures yet another six month in office. Droughts and terrorists, just to name few ludicrous excuses from the current regime, are the reasons behind the election delays.

But just as the doubts of holding a fair, free and transparent election grow, so too the uncertainties of gaining recognition. In January 2008, I wrote a piece entitled, "Somaliland: A Democratic State In East Africa Or A Tinderbox Waiting To Explode?" In this article I predicted that a failed election will lead to a failed state. See this link: It is now evident that both Somaliland presidential election as well as its recognition hit roadblocks. But who is responsible for the impeding disaster looming on the horizon?

The ruling party UDUB´s dirty election delay tactics, and its painstaking efforts to find reasons to stay in power, as well as the opposition party Kulmiye´s machete-wielding supporters´ chest-pounding, huffing and puffing with fury not only undercuts Somaliland´s quest for sovereignty but also compromises its survival.

To top it up, the second opposition party UCID´s failure to firmly stand as an opposition party and form a common front with Kulmiye against election scandals, grants UDUB yet another chance to hog power. On one hand UCIDscreams in loud shrill voices just like any other opposition party. On the other hand, in most of political crises, it agrees more with UDUB´s stance than Kulmiye´s. One wonders why UCID—the sister party of UDUB—doesn´t join the ruling party.

Worse than UCID´s flip-flop stance is while Southern Somalia inches closer to stability, Somaliland´s political hurricane gains momentum. Nothing satisfies more the Somali quarrelling leaders than witnessing Somaliland vanish. Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, and Al-Somali regime agree on only one thing: Somaliland must not gain independence at any cost.

Meanwhile, as if they were in deep comma, Somaliland leaders remain oblivious of the dark clouds hovering over the nation. The prolonged isolation of Somaliland, its bickering and self-enriching leaders, its political showdown combined with Somalia´s upcoming ruse to woo many Somalilanders to salvage their properties in the South while granting them jobs, citizenships and more land at a low cost, could lure northerners to immigrate to the South in droves—leaving once bustling Somaliland cities deserted, a ghetto.

Though the average Somalilander has no compelling evidence to join Somalia, economics dictate people. And as I have pointed out in my article, entitled, "Somaliland: Why Somali Unity Case Won´t Fly?" Somali unity lost steam. But Somalilanders have very little choice once they cross the border as economic immigrants. Here is the article:

In short, no one doubts that the election faces challenges that need more time to sort them out; equally, no one in his/her right mind believes that extending Mr. Kahin´s term in offices has anything to do with election.

Both Kulmiye and UCID must form a unified front against UDUB. This unity includes speaking out against violence, promoting peace, and giving Mr. Kahin another chance to run out of excuses—let him finish his six month term. Somalilanders waited for almost two decades to reach where they are today; six more months won´t make any difference.

What is at stake—the fate of Somaliland and its people—is far more important than Mr. Kahin´s six month term. Surely, the election delay is a setback for the long-waited recognition, but we´ll press ahead as usual.

And just like the story: "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", Somaliland election may now be empty calls. But unlike the villagers who ignored the shepherd boy´s screams when the wolf came, we´ll remain patient and ready for the "election".

Rebellion Plunges Somaliland in Total Chaos, as Inane Impostor Dalmar Kaahin Talks Nonsense

By Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

October 27, 2008

Over the past five months, I had the opportunity to expand - in many articles - on the impossibility of Somaliland (not to be formally recognized but) to merely survive. The tyrannical regime of the Abyssinian puppet ´Rayaale´ is a national Somali shame that cannot be tolerated by any Somali patriot – of any possible origin, ideology and aspiration.

The fake state ´Somaliland´ has not been a peaceful state apart – in the imaginatively serene Somali North. A peaceful country would certainly reflect the hopes of all the local people who did not desire to live the experience of Mogadishu in the early 90s. But this dream did not come true. The local regime acted according to the evil Abyssinian agenda, consisting therefore in high treason and national betrayal of incommensurable dimensions.

Even worse, to do so, the regime turned against its own citizens who, despite their complains that date back to the Siad Barre years, do not want any Somali state to dishonor the greatness and the splendour of 4 millennia long Somali History that eclipses the meager Axumite Abyssinian past and the present Amhara pseudo-Solomonic rascality.

Postponing the presidential elections that he would certainly lose, pseudo-president Rayaale plunged the country into chaos, as resistance, opposition and uprising went off, revealing the real character of the notorious Rayaale administration: they are just a gang, a Mafia group that usurped the power that the local people and the elders of various tribes naively entrusted to them.

One of So-Mafi-land´s most notorious rascals is the disreputable pseudo-writer Dalmar Kaahin whose personal name is an all-Somali national shame; employed by the thug-in chief Rayaale to post insults against all the Somalis and foreigners who unveil Somaliland´s real character, Dalmar Kaahin turned out to be one of my personal insulters, a lucrative business that probably brought to him fresh cash from the Cairo bank accounts (CIB, Bank Ahly, Bank of Alexandria, Bank of Cairo, BNP-Paribas, and Credit Agricole) of Huda Barkhad, Rayaale´s monstrous wife, the regime´s most loathed and most villainous figure.

Recently, this Somali traitor and pariah published another perplex directory of insults addressed against numerous Somali expatriates´ organizations and against me! His title is truly comical.

How can a deceiver like Dalmar Kaahin possibly expose a deception supposedly undertaken by somebody else?

There is no real need to answer this repertoire of paranoid assumptions, ludicrous efforts of defamation of patriotic Somalis, and sick expressions of hatred and hysteria.

Simply, I suppose you will all enjoy Dalmar Kaahin unconsciously revealing who his best prototype has always been.

Adolph Hitler!

How can one conclude this? Simply because basics in Subliminal Psychology is all that you need to understand that, when someone starts an entire text, mentioning the name of a person in the beginning of the first sentence, and using the person as quote, the hidden truth is that the author subconsciously has a high regard for the person he starts his text with.

Dalmar Kaahin reproaches me for lack of reference to facts.

I will have a pleasant response; well, using the word ´pleasure´ is - under current circumstances - a mere figure of speech.

I will mention here a fact; a tragic fact that Dalmar Kaahin will always fail to grasp: the beginning of the dissolution of the shameful realm ´Somalialnd´ has started with the rebellion at Borama.

In the massive protestations and manifestations that overwhelmed Borama, Rayaale´s gangsters who impersonate the local police authorities shot a young girl dead.

As chaos covers the ailing pseudo-state Somaliland, I republish an early report about the rebellion in Somaliland that effaces – so authoritatively – the trash compiled by the demented Dalmar Kaahin, Huda Barkhad´s outrageous servant. At the end, I add what Dalmar Kaahin may call a text of his.

Somalia: Violence erupts in Somaliland voter-registration, girl killed

Borama, Somalia Oct 25 (Garowe Online) - A 19-year-old girl was killed Saturday in Somalia's breakaway region of Somaliland after police opened fire on a rowdy crowd, Radio Garowe reported.

The victim, identified as Hamda Ahmed Abdi, died at the scene in Borama, capital of Awdal region.

Our correspondent reported that another girl, who was unidentified, was also wounded.

Police reinforcements led by Borama police chief Muse Abdullahi Hanfi rushed to the scene, but the commander was injured in a car accident on his way to the location and was being treated at a local hospital.

It is not clear why the crowd became violent and local police officials have refused to comment on the matter, but it is the first incident of violence since the voter-registration process kicked off in Somaliland earlier this month.

In Sool region, which is under Somaliland control, the region's influential traditional elders issued a warning to Somaliland's separatist rulers.

Speaking in Garowe, capital of rival sub-state Puntland, the Sool clan elders led by Garad Saleban Garad Mohamed warned Somaliland officials not to bring the voter-registration process to Las Anod, capital of Sool region.

Somaliland declared independence from Somalia in 1991 but has not been recognized internationally, although the region enjoys relative stability and has a functioning administration.

The breakaway region is slated to hold presidential elections in March 2009 with three political parties competing in the elections.

Source: Garowe Online

Somalia: NSPU´s Deception Exposed

by Dalmar Kaahin

Adolph Hitler was once quoted as saying," Tell a lie often enough, loud enough, and long enough, and people will believe you." But that does this diabolical trap always work? If the art of deception failed any group, it certainly not only botched NSPU cliques´ tireless efforts to distort Somaliland history and the reasons that compelled it to withdraw from its emotional union with Somalia, but also the NSPU members´ lies have caused more embarrassment than comfort among themselves. For the NSPU coteries—so pathetic are their lies that the readers must willing to take pity on them [NSPU] instead of getting flustered with them.

Just like a Chameleon, the NSPU camouflages its identity as many times as there are months in a year. And the truth of the matter is: this deceptive group´s lies are found within its own papers. Recently, the NSPU changed its name to ASSC—S. See this article: "NSPU (Or ASSC—S) You Can Run But You Cannot Hide" Then, it disappeared from the radar system for few months, just to come back with yet another name. Once again, in a desperate attempt to conceal its identity, it changed its pseudonym from ASSC—S to NSUM. (From NSPU to ASSC—S, and now to NSUM, what is next? Creativity has no limitations: so how about from NSPU to UPSN? Impressive!)

However, despite the NSPU operating under multiple names and dressing itself up in a fake unity costume, one thing remains the same: its style of demonizing and villain attacks against Somaliland and its people. By reading the NSPU, ASSC—S or NSUM´s vomit-worthy papers, you would notice easily that the language used, the choice of words, and the assertions put forward are one and the same—nothing changes although writing paper after paper. Why not remain objective rather than subjective, and write brain-stimulating articles?

To prove conspicuously that the NSPU, ASSC—S and NSUM are one and the same group, compare the footnotes taken from their articles:

NSPU: Northern Somalis for Peace & Unity (NSPU) is a grass-roots Somali advocacy organization…dedicated to the promotion of peace and unity among the long suffering people of Somalia…

ASSC—S: Awdal Sool Sanaag Coalition Against Secession (ASSC—S) is a grass-roots Somali advocacy organization…Our membership hails mainly from the pro-unity anti-secessionist regions of Awdal, Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn of the Somali Republic.

NSUM: Northern Somali Unionist Movement (NSUM) is a grass roots Somali organization whose members and supporters hail from Sool, Sanaag and Cayn regions in the Northern regions of Somalia(formerly British Somaliland) and whose clan in these regions do not identify with the one -clan-driven secession calling themselves" Somaliland".

Now, don´t you feel that you read the same thing three times? Caught in their pathetic lies! You bet. Yet another baffling question is: if NSPU, ASSC—S or NSUM is so credible why does it operate under multiple identities? Truly, the NSPU has been ridiculed so much—for being the most nitwitted clown—that it has became a victim of its own stupidity and lies.

Furthermore, the paradox of the NSPU´s argument is abundant. For instance, it claims its members hail from "Sool, Sanaag and Cayn regions in the Northern regions of Somalia (formerly British Somaliland) and whose clan in these regions do not identify with the one -clan-driven secession calling themselves Somaliland"" But what could you infer from the preceding statement? Clearly, what the NSPU is saying is:" We clan X—Sool, Sanaag and Cayn tribes—opposes clan Y—the one which supposedly advocates for Somaliland independence." Then the million dollar question is: why would clan X´s arguments have more weight than clan Y´s? And since the NSPU represents clan X as it stated in its paper, how possibly could it [NSPU] promote unity? After all, it stands for only clan X, and not for everybody. And just like any other tribal-oriented Somali group, the NSPU has been advocating for the interest of one tribe—far from promoting unity. This is a case where the sheer stupidity of the NSPU defies common sense.

Also, the NSPU´s ruse to obfuscate facts are not limited to derailing the reasons that forced Somaliland to stand as a separate entity from Somalia, confusing the reality on the ground as to create ambiguity, and misinforming the readers. The NSPU left no stones unturned. Its cliques even recruited a seventy-years-old lunatic named Dr. Muhammad Megalommatis—a mere child trapped in an old man´s body—who spits out more trash talks than facts. And although they assumed that he would bolster their unity arguments by presetting the typical well-researched paper expected from a man of his caliber, to the contrary he has spurred more worries than comforts among NSPU group. Read this article: "Has Dr. Muhammad Megalommatis lost his marbles?"

For reasons that, perhaps, only aliens from Mars could explain, Dr. Megalommatis keeps resorting to attacking Somaliland people instead of presenting facts. As an example of his mindless childish behavior let´s take a passage from one of his rubbish articles. As he insults Mrs. Huda Barkhad the Somaliland president´s wife, Dr. Megalommatis states, "The Huda Barkhad Republic, after the name of his wife, a cetaceous of 300 kilos that enjoys eating daily caviar imported through Egypt, at the moment the quasi-totality of her realm´s population is starving."

He continues his vicious attacks against Somaliland and adds, "The entire country is being transformed…Somaliland´s murderous tyrant Riyale [the president of Somaliland] – to a vast concentration camp whereby minorities are mercilessly tyrannized and terrorized."

A disturbed doctor, isn´t he? Now you understand why he is nicknamed: Dr. Lunatic.

Separating facts from fiction—here is something to dwell on:

The NSPU pretends to promote Somali unity, yet it represents certain tribes.

The NSPU supports the occupation and the invasion of Somalia by Ethiopia, yet it [NSPU] sheds crocodile tears for Somalia. In fact, the NSPU cliques call Ethiopia, "The sister state of Somalia", much less condemn its barbaric attacks against the Somali people.

The NSPU operates under multiple identities yet expects its distorted facts to be bought. It operates under the names: SNPU, ASSC—S and NSUM.

The NSPU members blindly support the notorious warlord Col. Abudullahi Yussuf—the butcher of Mogadishu—because he shares tribal lineages with them and at the same time they claim to "promote" peace and stability in Somalia. And patently this group is far from advocating for Somalia unity.

Additionally, the NSPU strongly believes that Somaliland is occupying Las Anod, the provincial capital of Sool region in Somaliland and the city should be "liberated". But ironically, the NSPU has no objection to the occupation of the ancient city of Mogadishu by the Ethiopian troops.

To sum up, the NSPU—also known as ASSC—S or NSUM—cliques take painstaking steps to distort facts, dismantle and rewrite Somaliland history as to strengthen their case for Somali unity, but to no avail. While the NSPU members enjoy living in North America, making decent livings, and receiving good education, they continually spur hate and tribal wars in Somaliland—where the average citizen can barely afford a semi-decent meal, much less enjoy the luxuries of life. But, luckily, putting Somaliland tribes against one another is the thing of the past.

Gone are the days of dividing Somaliland people along tribal lines, victims and victimizers; a nation that is far from perfect but works diligently to unite its territory and its people emerged from the ruins of the late 80s' brutal civil war which brought Somaliland to its knees. Gone are the days of labeling Somaliland as a tribal entity; if it was a tribal enclave, hundreds of foreign diplomats and business men/women from around the world would not have poured into the country, nor would Somaliland have been admired for its democracy, and commended for its sensitive approaches to conflict resolution, amid chaos in East Africa. Gone are the days of hijacking the wishes of peaceful Somaliland people.

As for the Southern Somalia, the NSPU gangs blindly supports their "strong-man"—the butcher of Mogadishu—Col. Abudullahi Yussuf—the current president wannabe of the illegal foreign-imposed Somali regime. Also, the NSPU members´ unequivocal support for the Ethiopian occupation has been a disgrace; equally regrettable has been their shameless cordial tears for Somalia.

Far from uniting the Somali people, the NSPU group—the fifth column—should be charged for treason and siding with the enemy at times when the Somali people are on their knees begging for their freedom in their own land—so much for the NSPU´s fake unity hollow mantra and its crocodile tears.


Picture: Somaliland broken down to pieces: this is Rayaale´s and all the secessionists´ only possible delivery.

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